From Repairing A Sweet Tooth...
To Creating One

I'm Bee. The Queen "Bee" Of Cake. name is actually Christy Sue but my husband calls me Bee. It's his little pet name for me. The name came from my middle name, Sue. He calls me Sue-Bee-Doo-Bee-Doo... you know, like Scooby Doo.

What can I say, my husband's a little crazy. He's in marketing. But his nickname stuck and now all my friends just call me Bee.

You can call me Bee too.

You're probably wondering how I got into designing cakes. Well, that's an that's an amazing stroke of luck. The secret is, I really honed my cake decorating skills on teeth. Yeah, I know it sounds gross but it's true. In a past life, I was a dental assistant.

As a dental assistant, I discovered I was really good at carving and sculpting temporary crowns. I was able to take a ball of "dental dough" and transform it into an exact replica of my patient's tooth. They were amazed by my work and how detailed and realistic the tooth looked. Who knew I had a hidden talent that was yet to be discovered.

A Freak Discovery That Changed Cake Making Forever

When I got pregnant with my daughter, Autumn Rose, I quit my job as a dental assistant and became a stay-at-home-mom. I love being a mom but I must admit, I missed the creativity and fast-paced nature of the dental office.

For Autumn's second birthday, I decided to make her a Little Mermaid cake. I found a picture of one on the Internet and copied the design. The cake was OK. I mean, it wasn't a masterpiece but at the time, I didn't have any formal training or professional tools.

You can see a picture of my first cake on the left. Making that cake ignited a spark inside me that I haven't been able to put out.

It was at this point that I went from fixing teeth to dedicating my life to destroying them... One amazing cake at a time. You could call me a traitor but I call it job security.

Since then, I've been immersed in making cakes. I'm Wilton trained and have also studied under Food Network Cake Challenge Champion, Colette Peters.

Hollywood Meets Cake

I design new cake creations every chance I get. I've created a new style that's all my own. It was inspired by all the advancements in Hollywood movie making and television. I call it the HD3D cake. It's a sculpted cake that's Highly Detailed and Three Dimentional. This ain't your ordinary cake. You can only get one of these HD3D cakes from me and they are awesome. I'll create one for you too... and trust me... it will be so amazing you'll say WOW WEE!

If it's not amazing... if it doesn't take your breath away... if it isn't the star of your event and if you're not getting compliments left and right... it's not a Cake by Bee.