All These People Said WOW WEE... You Will Too!

My coach purse birthday cake had me speechless!! Everything about it was above expectation. The craftsmanship and detail were superb. It looked just like the real thing!  Even more wonderful was the cake didn't just look was delicious! The cake was light and moist and all of my guests commented on how delectable it was! Last but not least, I have to say how impressed I was with the presentation.  Having the cake delivered was an unexpected delight. We had so much to do that day and it was one less thing we had to worry about.  You did a wonderful job presenting the cake in such a professional manner.  It was one of the highlights of an already wonderful day. Gina Busby

“Christy has a great deal of artistic talent. That is an amazing cake!” – Janelle Kleppin



 “Christy is an awesome cake maker” – Dia Venezio


“WOW!! Whimsical and Fun! Delicious, no doubt, too!” – Jody Scott


“I would weigh 500 pounds!! Buttercream anything goes straight to my, well, never mind. Looks awesome!” – Susan Butler


“That’s amazing!! luv it :)” – Bree Ashley



“Just gorgeous. Compliments to the chef.” – Jonathan Benjamin



“I think she did a FANTASTIC JOB!!! Christy is very talented...*smiles* I like them ALL.” – Melissa Cano-Seney


“You’ve got major talent! The cake looks great.” – Josh Hinds



“OMG! You are AMAZING!!!!” – Kathy Schneider



“So pretty :) delicate!” - Cloe Couturier



“That's awesome. What talent!” – Ron Ipach



“WOW... I can't believe that is a cake. You don't even want to eat it. it looks so real. This cake is amazing!” – Darien Hill


“Whoa” – Casmira Harrison



“Awesome!!!! Another superb job. Keep up the great work!!!” – Bonnie Sue Weidner


“Red Velvet is my Fav cake!!!! Amazing Cake!!” – Zach Hodgins



“That cake tasted great. I was lucky enough to get to eat it! Great job Bee.” – Jennifer Miller


“That's just CRAZY - ROCK IT!!! ;)” – David Faulkner


“Very, very cool! I’ll have to share with my sushi chef!” - Teri Nakamura



“Wow that is amazing.” – Amy Wildonger


“Love this cake. I ate some of this cake… YUMMY! Taylor would go crazy for this!” – Kellie Struckman Grande


“Holy Moly! That is AWESOME Christy! You're so talented!” – Debbie Weigel


“Wow, you're on your way to Ace of Cakes! Way to go...your cakes are gorgeous. Unbelievable!” – Marianne Wood


“Gorgeous Christy! Great job.” – Caryn Beaver


“OMG! This came out so great. I love it!” – Lisa Hensel



“THAT IS FREAKIN AWESOME!! You are awesome!!”  – Dawn Colangelo